Smart Electric iBike

Smart, folding electric bicycle


Urban M is the urban bike with personal aesthetic and clear benefits

Smart Bikes

Realtime air quality reports. Avoid the most polluted areas!


Smart Assistance, increases with pollution and decreases with clean air.


Antitheft alarm system and realtime tracking.


Completely personalized, handmade bike. Each bike is one of a kind, a unique reflection of each user.


Version with two front wheels for increased stability. You must try it!


Personalized handmade Bikes

Urban Clouds supports the cyclist movement, presenting a custom bike for each client, with the latest technology, handmade, painted to specification and meticulously tested to ensure the highest quality product.

Folding Bikes

Two front wheel fork Urban M

Urban M bicycles come in two models, one with 2 wheels and one with 3 wheels, providing a balanced and stable ride while at the same time being fun and safe.


_ Balancing System

_ 20” Wheel with hydraulic disc brakes

_Ultra fast folding system

_Lightweight aluminum chassis

_Custom paint and sticker specifications

_Hydraulic disc brakes

_Rear panniers

_Brake levers with lock

Single arm fork Urban M

As a folding urban styled bike, both bike models have all the necessary elements so you could use it as a substitute for conventional transport.


_Easily disassembled

_20” Wheel with hydraulic disc brake

_Ultra fast folding system

_Lightweight aluminum chassis

_Custom paint and sticker specifications

_Hydraulic disc brakes

_Rear panniers

_Brake levers with lock

SmartCityBox Module

Detects air pollution in real time, intelligently controls the electric motor assistance depending on air quality and terrain, antitheft alarm system, video camera, speaker and automatic lights.

This smart module is expandable to include new improvements such as a more powerful camera, higher quality speakers, different environmental sensors, etc.

Electric Bike System

Electric rear wheel motor approved by the EU. Combined with the SmartCityBox module, it automatically regulates effort on the pedal according to environmental pollution, geographical variables or route taken.

Thanks to the mobile application and direct communication with the Smart Module, suggestions for “smart routes” show users the least polluted path from one point to another. The data is obtained by the bike itself and from Urban Clouds sources.

Prices from900€ to 1.999€

899 €

Single arm fork

1.299 €

Two front wheeled fork

300 €

SmartCityBox Module

400 €

250W electric kit 9aH batteries (40-50km)