Assistant Robot for Street Cleaning Operators


It Frees the Operator from Tedious Tasks


Created to Facilitate Urban Cleaning


Autonomous Navigation & Obstacles Avoidance Systems

A1A3 conducted by Urban Clouds and Arelance for Ferrovial Services

Idea and Specifications

A1A3 Ferrovial Servicios Barcelona

Designed and manufactured by

Improving Cities

Robotic Assistance to Change our Streets

A1A3 Robotic Platform for Street Cleaning Operator Assistance

Optimized for Open Spaces

A1A3 works in 4 Safe Navigation Modes:

  • Autonomous Tracking Mode (of Operator)
  • Autonomous Approximation Mode (to Operator)
  • Adjustable-Speed Manual Assistance Mode Depending on Scenario
  • Manual Operation Mode

Main Features of A1A3:

  • Real-time Navigation System
  • Advanced Environment Perception System
  • Intuitive Algorithmia of Obstacles Avoidance
  • Operational and Safety Signage
  • Automatic Waste Picker
  • Waste Deposit for Standard Bags
  • More than 9 hours of Autonomy
  • Power-Saving Mode
  • Remote Control Pendant in Standard Broom
  • Unlock Movement System by Deadmen Control
  • Locker for Operator
  • Anti-theft Security System
  • Pollutant Gases Measurement (CO, NO2 y O3) by means of Mobile Lab
  • Open Hardware & Open Software

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