Internet of Things

We create products and services that help companies being more competitive through advanced technologies and Big Data applications.

Business Data Intelligence

We analyze what information is necessary for your business

We design a plan to obtain and unify your own and external data.

We make the electronic design and integrate the sensors needed according to your needs as well as your Internet communication.

We create specialized dashboards for web visualization and mobile applications.

Proyecto CURMOS

Business Data Intelligence — Success stories


Air quality monitoring for urban environments using mobile devices equipped with low-cost sensors for maximizing monitored area.

Sensor integration, development of electronics and semi-automatic adjustment systems using algorithms.

Data analysis, processing, management and exploitation of large volumes of data (Big Data).

Dashboards and data visualization via web and mobile applications.


Business Data Intelligence — Success stories


Air purifiers connected to internet for remote monitoring of devices and integration of sensors to get information about air quality.

The monitorization gives information about the status and condition of the air purifier to be able to offer a predictive maintenance and detect malfunctions.

Users can register devices to set the details of use and the location of installation. Once registered, the devices can be monitored through a user and adminitrator dashboard.


“Urban Clouds has become a market oriented company, successfully managing product design, electronics, hardware and software and introducing its knowhow to design Big Databased strategies. Urban Clouds is the perfect combination of innovation, technology, commitment, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial mindset.”

Rubén Pérez – R&D Director Grupo Arelance

Industrial Product

State of the art reports about specific markets, products and services.

Technology development, integration and industrial design for prototypes development.

We develop new services and products that can be applied to your business.

We integrate electronic devices, sensors and software.

BRISA – Therapeutic bicycle

Industrial Product — hardware & software

Project for designing and prototyping an instrumented therapeutic bicycle with advance sensing. More info BRISA

Bicicleta Brisa Urban

Urban M Smart Bikes

Industrial Products — Success stories

Designed and manufactured from scratch. The Urban M is equipped and supported with advanced sensing systems and services.

Mobile Robotic Platform

Industrial Product — Success stories

Project for designing and prototyping a robotic semi-autonomous platform, hypersensorized.

Tangible Benefits


Cost savings and increased benefits

Outsourcing of R&D team

New turnkey products. We make products and services adapted to actual needs.

We work with private companies and European R&D projects in the following areas

Development of electronic and industrial systems.

Development of robotic platforms.

Sensor integration. Characterization of sensors for monitoring air quality.

High and low-level software

Environmental consulting highly specialized in air, water and soil quality and pollution.

Software Development: Mobile Applications and Web (Backend – Frontend). Dashboards and data visualization.

Data extraction, analysis, management and mining.