Air Quality Certified Plan

£5,200.00 exc. VAT / year


Ideal plan to obtain certified data from fixed points. Mobile systems quickly discover the status of the entire area in order to determine ideal areas where to place fixed monitors and collect the AQ data.

The certified plan includes a certificate issued by an ENAC laboratory that certifies the quality of the data. The certificate is valid for one year.

ENAC laboratory certificate

ENAC laboratory certificate



Accurate air quality studies & turnkey project management, at the most competitive market price


The ideal plan to obtain certified measures. The plan consists of:

  • Fixed portable monitor – SMAQ Fixed – with CO sensors – Carbon Monoxide, NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide and O3 – Ozone with ENAC approved laboratory certificate + PM sensor – Particles PM2.5 and PM10 Class A (Optical Particulate Laser). Copies of the certificates are delivered. SMAQ FIXED TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SHEET
  • Mobile device – SMAQ mobile – with CO sensors – Carbon Monoxide, NO2 – Nitrogen dioxide, O3 – Ozone and PM class B, PM2.5 and PM10 particles.
  • Access to Control Panel with latest AQ data, historical graphs according European and British regulatory authorities, csv download and monitor control.
  • Dongle to integrate with the Web, TV channel, tablets and any monitor with internet access.
  • Powerful interoperable API to integrate in your web system, information panels, TV channel, etc.

12 month subscription with maintenance service and warranty included.

The standard price of the annual air quality certified plan is £7,150. Save £1,950