Monitoring Air Quality Indoor/Outdoor

City dwellers spend between 58% and 78% of their time in indoor environments with varying levels of contamination. Indoor air pollution occurs in part due to pollution produced outside as well as by pollutants generated indoors.

Indoor air quality is very important as most people spend a great deal of time indoors, whether at home, at work, in leisure centers or in shopping malls.

Furthermore, air quality affects the health, welfare and performance of workers, as poor air quality causes an increase in allergies, colds, headaches, fatigue, malaise, decreased study and work performance, besides being a cause of other longterm health problems.

All this can result in economic losses from sick leave and reduced productivity.

What is IN/OUT?

IN/OUT is an intelligent air quality monitoring system designed to control and improve indoor comfort. It also offers support information of outdoor air quality.

Data is collected on concentrations of CO, CO2, NO2 and VOCs. In systems using air purifiers, it is advisable to additionally include O3 concentrations.

Monitoring Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality

Our system is particularly useful for buildings such as offices, workplaces, businesses, shopping centers and homes, with the advantage of being able to install it in any space. As an easy-to-install WiFi device, you can take it anywhere.

Proper management of indoor air quality reduces work absences between 26% and 76% and increases productivity between 1.5% and 15%.

From 100 € / all inclusive

IN/OUT is the perfect tool to prevent and reduce work absences and health problems as well as improve the performance and welfare of all citizens.

*Control panel access with realtime information.

*Alarm and notification service. History log.

*Permanent or temporary system no installation or maintenance.

*Table or wall units with CO, CO2, NO2 and VOC sensors.

*Consulting service based on air quality and other parameters to solve existing
problems and establish improvement and maintenance programs. Optional

*Intelligent monitoring system. Recommendations based on the difference between internal and external pollutants for the most suitable combination of open windows and ventilation. Optional

*Air sampling to check microbiological concentrations. Optional

Usage benefits far outweigh the cost of a traditional audit system

The IN/OUT system is modular, making it possible to independently employ and adapt different services as needed.