Air Quality SMAQ

Review examples of dashboards and Air Quality demo data

Real Time devices

Devices online and official data station

Real time data from devices connected to internet broadcasting in real time. Also includes data from Official Air Quality Network from Junta Andalucía. Please note that Official data is 24 hours delayed.

Air Quality devices real time


Malaga demo data Neighbourhood

Real time visual data to show status of a neighbourhood, district or any area in the city per pollutant and AQ index. Every area calculates in real-time the average of all data included and general Air Quality. Note: this data is only for demo purpose and it is not real.

Air Quality devices real time

Visual Air Quality 7 days

7 days in 2 minutes updated every hour

Visual full screen and analysis of the last 7 days’ Air Quality in Malaga updated every hour. There are two modes, full screen mode and analysis filter mode, where every part of this dashboard is a filter (timeline, zoom, AQ range, hours, monitors, etc..).

Air Quality devices real time

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