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Traditionally measuring air quality is very expensive and requires technical development and complex calibrations. The stations are focused on finding pollution peaks and then monitoring them for improvement. The “green” areas are not of interest.



Today we offer a new solution – we call it SMAQ (Spatial Monitoring of Air Quality), a system that combines different technologies that make it accessible and easy to use. The “green” areas of low or no pollution are of high value for the brand of your hotel and your clients.

Air quality studies & turnkey packages - all at most competitive prices


Take care of your customers and your employees with Certified Air Quality.

They will breathe in Tranquillity!

Your customers in large polluted cities will thank you and those who seek a healthy place will not hesitate to choose them


The hotel with the best air quality of all the competition. Do they measure it? If the answer is no, then your hotel is the only one that can show it. Add the air quality as part of your seal of sustainability and your RSC.

The “green” environment sells, and even more so when it can be seen.

Fixed devices – In/Out

Issues data in real time of the entire complex and by zones. Show it on your website, booking system, application, panels…

  • Conference room
  • Golf course
  • Pool
  • Sports tracks
  • Relaxation areas

Mobile devices

The whole complex on the outside, including the destination. Why not offer your customers, even neighbours, important data?

The data is private and the hotel decides when and how to publish it. Easy, fast and without complications.

For all types of hotels and resorts

Hotels Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality

Air Quality Hoteles. Events and Congresses MICE

Events and Congresses MICE

Do you have an event and want to take the best care and offer the highest quality? Hire only for the days you need a turnkey professional service. Value added services.

Air Quality Urban Hotels

Urban Hotels

Your hotel is in the city and may be in a place of low pollution. Check it and value the difference with your competition.

Air Quality in Country Hotels

Country Hotels

If you think you have good air quality, why not boast it in your marketing and communication campaigns? Risk groups (the elderly, babies …) will appreciate it.

Sport Hotels Air Quality: golf, cycling, hiking ...

Golf, Cycling..

Do your clients come to play sports in a natural environment? Offer healthy living in a safe and very easy to understand way. It’s so easy.

How does SMAQ work for Hotels and Resorts?

1st – Discovery

Standard fixed and / or mobile monitor. Measurements for at least a month to obtain preliminary results.

2nd – Mobiles Monitors

Installation of mobile monitors in maintenance or cleaners’ carts, on bicycles, etc. for measuring air quality of the entire area.

3rd – Fixed Monitors

Installation of fixed devices at points of special interest: Golf course, swimming pools, sports courts, children’s areas, etc.

4th – Publicising the results

App / API for hotel application, web, reservation system, room TV, etc. Control panel and real time complex map.

Premios y Reconocimientos

Seal of Execellent 2018

European Comission - SME Instrument Pyme

Ciudad Sostenible en la categoría Calidad del Aire 2018

Ayuntamiento de Málaga, Fundació Forum Ambiental - Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación.

Startup 2017 - Categoría Innovación

Premios Enterprise 4.0, Prensa Ibérica

Gartner Cool Vendor 2016

Gartner Cool Vendors - Informe de Sostenibilidad 2016, Gartner, Inc

Fiware Ready de serie

Somos Fiware IoT Ready. Esto significa que ofrecemos acceso a los datos de calidad de aire agregados de cualquier polígono (por ejemplo a nivel de barrios, distritos, etc.)utilizando FIWARE NGSI APIV2 a través de nuestro Context Broker.

Además, ofrecemos acceso gratuíto al nuevo sistema de alarmas que permite saber condiciones anómalas registradas en cada polígono. El sistema de alarmas está basado en Perseo.

Plans to the Reach of all Budgets

Indoor Air Quality - MICE

Frequently asked questions

How many monitors do I need?

It depends on the area to be monitored and the data density. SMAQ is scalable and the number of monitors can be increased and decreased. You only pay for what you need.

How long is the minimum to hire?

The minimum is one day. There are also monthly, quarterly and annual plans.

What type of device do I need?

If you are unsure, tell us about your case and we will advise you on planning according to needs, objectives and budget. There are three types of devices: Appmosfera, SMAQ-Mobile & SMAQ-Fixed

What does each subscription include?

Each contract includes the monitors, GPRS communications (SMAQ – Mobile & Fixed), a web control panel with functionality to visualise the devices, download data, historical graphs, with European and UK legislation and maps for the visualisation of mobile data in the form of squares of up to 10 levels of resolution. Appmosfera includes a mobile application for Android and IOS smartphone or tablets.

How do you see the data?

In several ways: via a dashboard or control panel, via an App to enter in your own web page, or a complete and powerful API to output all of the data.

What happens if I have poor air quality?

Our service is totally confidential. If abnormally high levels are detected, our experts can advise on them technically; and perform certified measurements and technical studies to find the root cause of the problem on which remedial action can be taken.

Contact us and tell us your case

Each case is specific. Tell us your objective and about your property and we will advise you the most economical and effective way to carry out the air quality measurements.

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