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Smart Air Quality Monitoring

Learn how the awarded winning SMAQ – Spatial Mapping of Air Quality – can help you

What is SMAQ?

Full Cycle of Air Quality

SMAQ is an intelligent monitoring solution that allows city or town councils to meet their legal obligations, Directive 2008/50/EC, to measure outdoor air quality, at 50% lower cost compared with traditional methods.


  1. Full control over the city
    Saving costs by 50%Compare to any other traditional fix method. Based upon our own experience.
  2. Only one service contract
  3. Public awareness
  4. Identifyinging clean areas This data will allow to identify clean AQ areas to be communicated to the residents and poor AQ areas for more in-depth study. Malaga City has been divided in 3.200 squares where only 130 are hostspot.

To supply

  1. Air Quality dataCollection of environmental data to provide accurate air quality data with high granularity and detail of every street, park, school, hospital and waterway in the coverage area of the City, with the aim of improving the City’s air quality.
  2. Monitors – fixed and mobile
  3. Environmental reports
  4. Dashboards & historic graphs
  5. API & Open Data

Annual Service Contract

  1. Rental of Monitors – no purchases
  2. Ultra-Fast Deployment
  3. Server & IT infrastructure
  4. Wealth of competencesProject Managament Data Scientific Analysis Environmental Engineer Software Development Industrial & Electronic design Custom R&D Projects
  5. Full system maintenance Full cycle of deployment: installation and des-installation, maintenance, replacement, re-calibration & adjustment, training, customer & technical support.

MICE, Hotel & Resort Sector

Packages of Air Quality measurement systems focused on clients operating in the MICE sector who are interested in sustainability and CSR, as well as increasing their lists of services and, of course, their sales.

MICE & Hotels

How does SMAQ work?

Data really matters!

The SMAQ system consists of a monitoring network, in which fixed and low cost mobile AQ monitors combine to maximise coverage along with high-precision sensors to maximise data quality.

Data applications

SMAQ is very powerful in many applications

Clean Air Zone – UK
Air Quality Plan for the city / town
Natural and Smart Tourist Areas
Industrial effect over the citizen
Customised R&D Projects
Citizen Engagement and Participation

Control of specific types of zones and areas, for example “Clean Air Zone”. Measurement of any specific action and quantifying the effect before, during and after.

Custom Monitors

Different type of data from different types of monitors

Mobile and fixed
Low cost and precision

Requires no new infrastructure, but instead takes advantage of existing infrastructure, making it possible to adapt the system to any urban core regardless of size, adjusting costs to actual needs.

Standard Pollutant: Carbon Monoxide CO, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3) and Particulate Matter (PM2.5 PM10).
Other pollutant under Request.

Fiware Ready out of the box

We are Fiware IoT Ready. This means that we provide access to the air quality aggregated data of any polygon (e.g. neighborhood, district, etc. level) using FIWARE NGSI APIV2 through our Context Broker.

In addition, we offer free access to an alert system that allows you to know the anomalous conditions registered in each polygon. Alarm system powered by Perseo.


Smart Air Quality Monitoring

SMAQ can be integrated into  public services and urban transportationpostal delivery, cars, vans, bicycles, etc.  to be able to obtain information from many different sources anywhere at anytime for mapping the urban environment, street by street, using low-cost technology.   This allows the development of an extensive network within the city.  These devices are mobile and collect data passively, and have a real-time connection with the visual dashboard.

GSMA is using our Air Quality Technology – SMAQ – to map the Air Quality of Royal Borough of Greenwich, London

SMAQ mobile working in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

24 hours collecting mobile and fixed (parked) data, GPS, GPRS, power supply, CO, NO2, O3, PM2.5 and PM10


Malaga Sustainable City 2018 category Air Quality for SMAQ

Startup 2018 – Enterprise 4.0 category Startup

Other clients and partners using SMAQ

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