SMAQ – Spatial Mapping of Air Quality

Innovative system for Air Quality Monitoring in Urban areas. We aim to improve air quality in cities providing information and solutions.


SMAQ does not require new infrastructure. It takes advantage of existing services and infrastructures as postal delivery and other logistics, making it possible to adapt the system to any urban location independently of its size, adjusting costs to actual needs. The main market segment of this product is local and regional authorities aiming to monitor air quality in a Smart City environment.

SMAQ can be integrated in public services and urban transportation as postal delivery, cars, bicycles, etc. to be able to obtain information from many different sources anywthere at anytime for mapping the urban environment, street by street, using low-cost technology that allows the development of an extensive network within the city. These devices are mobile and collect data passively, having a real-time connection with the visual dashboard.

Grupo Correos offers this system, currently available in Spain.

Fiware Ready out of the box

We are Fiware IoT Ready. This means that we provide access to the air quality aggregated data of any polygon (e.g. neighborhood, district, etc. level) using FIWARE NGSI APIV2 through our Context Broker.

In addition, we offer free access to an alert system that allows you to know the anomalous conditions registered in each polygon. Alarm system powered by Perseo.


See how GSMA is using our Air Quality Technology – SMAQ – to map the Air Quality in London


Air Quality Monitoring for Indoor and Outdoor Environments

IN&OUT is an advanced air quality monitoring system designed specifically to mesure environmental variables that are directly related to health and confort. Monitoring these variables allows to take action to improve comfort in domestic and professional indoor environments. It also offers information about outdoor air quality making it possible to find relations between them and finding the best solutions.

This monitoring system has been designed to control the work environment and avoid harmful situations for people in which there are increased sickness symptoms as allergies, headaches or discomfort that can lead to low productivity and sick leaves

Our system is particularly useful for office buildings, working environments, shopping centers and homes. As an easy-to-install device connected via WiFi you can install it anywhere.

Urban Clouds

Gartner Cool Vendor

We are honored to have been included by Gartner, a leading global IT analyst firm, in its Cool Vendors in Sustainability, 2016 report. SMAQ – Spatial Mapping of Air Quality is a new approach to manage the full cycle of Air Quality in cities.

Urban Clouds Gartner Cool Vendor 2016

Internet of Things

We create products and services that help companies being more competitive through advanced technologies and Big Data applications.

Urban M: The Smart e-Bike

Smart&Electric bikes


Urban M is much more than a bike. It is the future of sustainable urban movility, designed with the most advanced technology to make any ride in a pleasant experience due to the Smart Drive system. It has a unique design based on a three-wheel system to improve stability while offering a sport driving feeling. The Smart Drive system includes air quality monitoring, smart routes, connectivity with your SmartPhone, anti theft alarm and other integrated sensors.

A1A3 Robotic Platform for Street Cleaning Operator Assistance

Optimized for Open Spaces


Therapeutic Bicycle


The aim of the project is to unify the controlled and assisted exercise in a set of items as a therapeutic tool to improve the quality of life, resolved through what we call the “cycle-therapist”, and instrumentalizing the exercises by a clinical expert system nicknamed BRISA

Brisa therapeutic bicycle

Improving urban life through innovation

linea-azul-urban In Urban Clouds we believe that technology and Big Data philisophy can enrich numerous aspects of everyday life. This is the main reason we develop solutions for Smart Cities, directly contributing to societies worldwide.

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